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Daytime Glow Boost Kit - All Skin Types: "Radiant Skin all day"

Daytime Glow Boost Kit - All Skin Types: "Radiant Skin all day"

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Introducing the Daytime Glow Boost Kit - All Skin Types: "Radiant Skin All Day" from Trehi Organics. This kit is designed to enhance your skin's natural glow and provide essential hydration throughout the day. Perfect for all skin types, it brings together key elements that work synergistically to brighten and revitalize your complexion, ensuring your skin stays radiant and fresh from morning till evening.

Product Details:

Soap - All Skin: Start your day with our all-skin soap that gently cleanses while maintaining the skin’s natural balance, preparing it for further nourishing.

Face Scrub - Dry: Our face scrub for dry skin effectively removes dead skin cells and revives dull skin, paving the way for a luminous complexion.

Face Oil - Normal to Dry Day: This face oil is formulated to provide hydration and essential nutrients to normal to dry skin types, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Roll On - Pump Your Lip: Infused with hydrating and plumping agents, this roll-on gives your lips a fuller appearance while moisturizing them deeply.

Lip Balm – Strawberry: Treat your lips to the sweet nourishment of our strawberry lip balm, which hydrates and adds a hint of natural color.

Face Toner: Conclude your skincare routine with our refreshing toner that tightens pores, tones the skin, and enhances your natural radiance.

The Daytime Glow Boost Kit is your go-to collection for maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion throughout the day. Each product is carefully selected to work in harmony, promoting a refreshed and revitalized look that lasts.


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